I was thinking about blogging last week and came inches away from giving up.  Sure enough this weekend I am right back at it and practicing the backhand on the writing court with my imaginary partner, bright and early on a Saturday morning bouncing around eager to take a couple of swings ready to loosen up the muscle.  Then focus, all eyes on this crucial moment.  The player tosses the ball, the player hits the serve, and the player determines serve placement, spin, and pace.  The first serve.

Blogging doesn’t have to sell. 

Don’t even think about copying the style or content of others.

Blogging isn’t an obligation.

But the question is this, if what I am doing is writing for the sake of writing and for my own entertainment then why does it feel extra special to publish it as a blog?  Even asking this question makes me feel uncomfortable and I have to think about this a lot more, but it gives me an opening to think about what writing is, and what blogging is.  This is like a twisted mess of tangled electric cord found in the attic that once untagled will still work.