Best raw fish in all of Washington DC metro.

Let’s do a little comparison.

Sushi Taro: More fun but less tasty.

Kuma, Sushi-Go-Around, Wasabi, Raku, Tako, Sushi Ko, Kaz, Cafe Asia, Simply Azian, Yokasu, and Murasaki: Not even close.

Yama’s white tuna, fatty tuna, regular tun, salmon, scallops, yellowtail, eel, and uni all melt in your mouth.  I’ve been blown away every time.  Every time it leaves me speechless after the first bite; I sit there in a trance and wonder if they put some kind of fish “tenderizer” in their fish.  How else can you explain the exceptional quality of the fish that is head and shoulders above the rest?

Alchemy or agar agar?  Hmm.

I mean, mmm.  Oh baby, shut up, stop analyzing, and just enjoy it!

Just look at this slithery, shiny, briny, sweet, deeply satisfying fish, and this wonderful picture that captures the essence of what I think is Yama Sushi.