Young(er) people these days say that if there’s someone you like, that person is your “crush.”   


When we were growing up, the word crush was used as a noun, as in you’re too shy to walk to up to that person to say hello, so you harbor a crush for that person, e.g., “I’m having a crush on so-and-so.”  Now, the word crush is talking about a person, as in So-and-So is your crush.  Tiffany is my crush.  Jamal is my crush.  Joey Stefano is my crush.  The person can stay your crush beyond the initial period.  And it seems like your crush is someone very specific.                             


“Did your crush say that he was going to come and hang with you?”


I hear these things on the Redline Glenmont bound at 8:52AM.  After the suits get off at Farragut North, Judiciary Square, and Union Station, taking their blackberries with them, the rest of us misfits venture into the wild, wild north of DC and beyond, through NY Avenue , Catholic, Takoma Park , and Silver Spring .  I’m really going to miss the Metro and public transpo when I get a car!