Spring in Washington doesn’t last long before the summer comes crashing down.  The summers here are intolerable–you can’t walk out of your home to fetch the mail without feeling suffocated by the intense heat and humidity.  Yuck.  In the meantime though, the flowers are blooming, and the air is fresh.  It is a very lush and beautiful city in this season.

Contributing to the situation is that Washingtonian men are exceptionally good looking and carry themselves well in their professional garb (but women in NYC are more attractive, I think).  In the early evenings, you will often see suited men hurrying around to go to their evening commitments.  It reminds me of seeing geishas hurrying around to go to their evening commitments in old Kyoto, you know, people in their element, seen no where else.  On the Metro, during rush hours, beautiful, powerful, thoughtful looking men abound.  The ladies, however, are really too much into wearing flip flops, I feel.  The fashion police should really do something about that.     

There are many events to attend.  I attended a benefit party at the National Zoo, a cocktail party at the new opening of the Newseum, a wonderful birthday dinner at the Tabard Inn restaurant, a wonderful dinner in Georgetown, and this coming week I will be going to the State Department for a dinner.  In midst of all this, one still has to juggle life, work, dating, family, reading, meeting new friends, exercising, etc.  If you are thinking about moving to DC, I’d say, go for it.  You’ll really like it here!