So much has been going on, work, life, possibilities, spring, cherry blossoms in DC.  The only thing that I have time for tonight in terms of posting is to say that Benjamin Franklin wrote a series of article under the alias of Silence Dogood, a factitious, unfortunate widow whose husband had drown at sea.

“Silence” posted a series of articles on the status of religious and political affairs in Boston.  Ben was only 14 or 16 years old when he wrote this series of article that had all of Boston reading, laughing, and agreeing, believing that it had come from a mature woman with a wit to match.  The primary target was Cotton Mather, the unbearable religious zealot who ruled Boston with his puritanical fist.  But, Silence was subtle and humorous, and instead of taking direct punches, she had people laughing and agreeing what an idiot Cotton Mather was.  Even Cotton Mather’s mouth might have turned upwards a few times.  That was Benjamin Franklin, the diplomat.

 I wonder what Benjamin Franklin would do in America’s current situation.   

I am going to finish this book, goodness know when, consider how life has kind of taken over reading and blogging.   But when I do, I will go to the National Archive to personally inspect the original copy of the Constitution of the United States…to meet the ghost of Silence Dogood…