On a nameless street, beyond a nondescript door (was there even a house number?), is The Spring, a small bed and breakfast, that has a swimming pool, two hot tub pools, a sauna house, and a common living room.  The theme is Japanese simplicity meets California Palm Spring chic.  Most guests walk around on the pebbled grounds and grass beds–barefoot.  No children are allowed on the property.   


I fell in love with the place instantly.  I found that although the bathroom in our room was a little dated, everything else was perfect and very pretty.  I loved the white porcelain dishwares in which breakfast was served.  I loved that meditation CDs were thoughtfully placed next to the CD player in the room, and the rocks by the bed stands.  I bought a gorgeous wide brim straw hat.  Granola was served with a choice of milk or soymilk.

There were palm trees.  Even the cat was stylish. 


When it was night time, we soaked in the springs going, from hot to cold and back to hot. 

We woke up the next morning to a gorgeous day.  We ate breakfast and drank coffee, and lounged by the pool.  To my reluctance at first (because I didn’t want to leave The Spring), we set out for a long hike to Joshua Tree National Park.  We bought cherries, figs, and papaya from a small road side shop along the way to eat on the hike.  We saw no one in this vast park but hundreds and thousands of joshua trees.

At night, my companion took me to an old hangout.  We walked through a rock climbers’ camping ground.  Some were still climbing at night.  Some were settling into their tents.  Most were sitting around in groups.  The sound of a guitar could be heard, strummed, plucked, and prickled in the background against the unusual shapes of the rocks set in the moonlight….