It is a clean, classy, quiet, understated, and pampering home away from home.  When you walk into the hotel, you can instantly relax because there is no crowd. 

It’s about 25 minutes north of San Francisco by car.   

I visited during the winter.  They gave me packets of starter-wood to start a fire in the fireplace in my room.  The fire burned all night.  It felt fancy to be playing with fire, unwrapping those starter-wood packets, and watching the fire get started.   There was a happy hour at dusk when I checked in, replenished with wine, cheese and crackers.  Some people were sitting around snacking on these provisions.    

In the morning, you can order “room service” for breakfast to be delivered up to your room, for free.  On this tray, there was grapefruit juice, a maple sugar scone, a blueberry scone, fruit salad, a banana, and a hard-boiled egg.

I took a hot shower while waiting for breakfast to arrive.  The shampoo smelled of minty and of pine.  Then I came out and sat on the bed and ate.  I saved the maple sugar scone for later.

Somethings very good happened to me in the next 36 hours after I left Waters Edge.  Two nights later, I ended up staying at a road side lodge in Big Sur, California, in the middle of no where.  Too late to go out, I took out the scone and ate it for dinner.  It was one of the most memorable, and satisfying dinners I’ve ever had in my life.         

Anyway back to Waters Edge, while I ate, I looked out of my balcony and was surprised to see how misty it was by the bay, and how many people had gotten there to go on some type of a bicycle expedition.