Abra cadabra…

Behold, chicken, cornstarch, lemon, water, scallion, and oil turning into an amazing dish tonight before your very eyes.

The recipe is courtesy of Kikkoman Soysauce, and the link is http://www.kikkomanusa.com/general/recipedetails.asp?id=1678&Curpage=3&loc=101&Ptitle=bsearch&Search=lemon+chicken&subsearch=&subsection=recipes&subsection2=searchresults      

Here is the finishing product, nice and bubbly.  Trust me this stuff is amazing.  Cubes of tender, tasty chicken with little bits of lemon peels over coconut rice and some sautee cauliflowers–I couldn’t stop eating!! 

Empress lemon chicken

Less than 15 minutes later, 1/2 gone!


Leftovers for tomorrow!