I am learning more about investing tonight.  The US stock market fell sharply today (whoa, I sound like NPR).  But there’s no better way to describe what has happened.  Not considering what this is doing to the rest of my portfolio, or how this might my mother’s retirement plan, I am glad that stock prices have fallen.  This a good time to buy.  A month ago, one share of Google was $600, and now, $500.  A share of Amazon was $79, and now, $72.   It’s like going to the supermarket or department store, and prices have been slashed.  Every thing has a 10-20% off tag on it.  Stocks are cheaper.  Houses are cheaper.  Money is cheaper.  Ladies, forget about Louis Vuittons and Christian Louboutins.  Let’s go shopping on Wall Street!  Woohoo!  Which one of you doesn’t love a sale?

Christmas ornaments from Waters Edge Hotel, Tiburon, Marin County CA.