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The birth of a baby is usually a happy occasion.  The birth of a blog is an uncertain event.  What will happen now the world can see my writing?  I think this is going to be a ride.  I love taking risks.  I am cautious, but really, there’s not much to lose here.  I love the internet.   

Today is the Superbowl Sunday.  In case you don’t live in America, you will not understand what this means.  My neighbor has been shouting every 5-6 minutes as he watches the game.  He is shouting unabashedly, loudly, deeply, like he’s an animal on a kill.  He is clapping.  He is stomping.  This is someone who doesn’t normally make any sound, even if he has had countless women over at his apartment. 

For some, professional sports is a belief and identity.  Professional sports is something that’s passed down from generation to generation.  A father would take his little kids to the games.  And when the little kids grow up, they’d remember how much the game meant to their dads, and how much the game means to them, and how they will pass it down to their little kids.  

Just like you don’t make fun of someone’s heirlooms or religion, you don’t make fun of someone’s sports.  It’s that serious. 

If you are a man coming to America, the quickest way to bond with other American guys is to get into the three biggest sports here: American football, baseball, and basketball.  If you are an immigrant parent, and you want your kids to succeed in life in America, do not teach them violin, opera, or ballet.  Teach them sports.  It will give them lots of stuff to talk about with their future classmates, colleagues, bosses, potential father-in-laws, etc.  It’s the best way to get assimilated into this society. 

Oh oh.  My neighbor has stopped shouting for the last 20 minutes.  He’s suddenly so quiet.  Is he all right?  Is his team losing?   Has he fainted!?